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Remedial Massage

Heal your body’s soft tissue system with a remedial massage that looks at the layers beneath the skin. Remedial massage uses a variety of techniques that help to reduce pain and tension in the muscles and fascia, reducing hyper-irritability within the muscle tissue, reduce headaches and tension in the body, and bring about better range of motion.


Kinesiology brings freedom and balance back into the mind, body and spirit by using a variety of specific corrections that release blockages in the bodies mental, emotional, physical and spiritual systems. Kinesiology can help with emotional and physical pain, improve acute symptoms, work through chronic conditions, improve digestion and much more.

Emotional Transformology®

Creatrix® is a complete emotional detox system, designed by a woman specifically for women. It completely releases your old thoughts and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your dreams, desires, and the life you always wanted. It changes your entire perspective, removing the old lenses, so you can finally see clearly again.

Change your thoughts and you change your world

Norman Vincent Peale

What my clients say

Vanessa is a warm and caring practitioner who quickly puts you at ease in her clinic. She goes the extra mile to identify and treat the root cause of her patients ailments. Vanessa has used kinesiology to help me release long held emotions which resulted in me recovering from shoulder and elbow problems, as well as food intolerances.
Shelley Ringelstein
July 2017
Vanessa was recommended to me by a trusted friend. Words can't describe the feeling and overall well-being my session with Vanessa have facilitated. I was feeling 'stuck' and nothing seemed to be shifting it. Vanessa was certainly a catalyst in moving things forward. If proof is in the pudding, since seeing her 4 of my friends have started treatments with her also. As I described to one friend "I can't really explain it, I always just feel better!" Do yourself and those around you a favour and see her.
Hayley Kearney
Feb 2018
Vanessa has a gentleness and calming touch. After visiting Vanessa for a session I always feel calmer and at ease. The experience is sooo good that I want to stay in her presence so I can feel this way all the time. Thank you Vanessa and I have and would recommend her therapy, Vanessa is wonderful
Ruth McCabe
May 2017

“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

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