What is Kinesiology?

What is Kinesiology?
Manual Muscle testing

Kinesiology is a term now used to describe a modality that was widely known as Applied Kinesiology that was developed by Chiropractor, George. J. Goodheart in 1964. It was primarily used by Chiropractors until the 1970’s when Dr. John Thie developed Touch for Health for the lay persons to use on friends and family members.

Kinesiology involves the technique of manual muscle testing MMT to determine the strength and functionality of a particular muscle or muscle group. The strength or weakness of the muscle indicates whether there is a deficiency or misalignment causing stress or imbalances on a specific organ, gland, the skeleton, etc.

Today, the MMT can be used by a specialised practitioner to determine whether a misalignment is in any of the body’s systems including but not limited to the soft tissue systems, (organ, gland, connective tissue, ligaments, discs, tendons etc), the skeleton, the muscles, the chakras, the meridians, the emotional body, the mental body, and the energy body including the auric field.

It can be used to determine whether there are toxins or heavy metals, and whether the body has a deficiency or imbalance in nutritions or dehydration etc. There really is no limit to what MMT can be used for, in fact the only limitation is the practitioners own ability to question the subconscious mind, which acts as a database, holding all information like a filing cabinet, about that body and the experiences that body and mind have had. 

If there is a misalignment in any of these areas, the physical body will generally express this in the form of discomfort on a physical level in the muscular system, or other areas producing tension or pain in joints, a lowered immune system, digestive issues, bloating, discomfort or a disease. A disease is exactly that, dis-ease in the the body’s systems at some level and in order to heal the body, it is necessary to determine where and at what level the dis-ease is developed or coming from.

In my experience, the physical symptoms show up sometime between 24-hrs-2yrs after an experience or event in one’s life. However, what I’ve also noticed is that people who struggle with many physical symptoms take longer to heal as it’s necessary to unwind the mind, thoughts, and the experiences, releasing the emotional bonds that are repressed at the subconscious level, to allow growth through awareness and learnings which then offers the necessary freedom to return the mind, and then the body back to a state of homestasis and balance. 

Once a misalignment is discovered using MMT it is then necessary to find a correction that will help to stimulate the body’s own healing response. By bringing balance back into the energy field and removing the causal factor that is forcing it out of balance the body has a greater opportunity to heal faster.

Kinesiology finds the causes of health issues, which can often be tied to trapped emotions experienced throughout life.

Why does the body go out of balance?

Each experience we have in our lives produces an image. Attached to the image is an emotion/s, which produce a particular feeling in the physical body. If the image is pleasant, when it pops into our mind it produces postive chemicals and thoughts and we will feel pleasant, calm and happy. If it is negative it has the opposite effect and usually produces anger, resentment, bitterness, anxiety about the future, or grief and sadness, and it usually surfaces to be resolved. If it isn’t resolved and we feel those negative feelings it is as though we are re-experiencing the event as though it was happening, in that moment, all over again.

The thoughts we have produce chemicals and this is then felt as an emotion in the body and the body’s tissues must learn to deal with this chemical response.  The negative chemicals flood our body and produce cortisol that produces tension in the system and an imbalance is felt in the body and can be seen through MMT as weakness in the muscular system.Unless this is released it can start to impact the cells and manifest as pain or discomfort in some way within an area of the body, or many areas if there are many trapped emotions.

In my experience, any symptom the body is experiencing is a signal created for us to stop and take note of and make the necessary changes to bring balance back. These initial signals are often so subtle that they go unnoticed and/or we ignore them, then the volume goes up and they become louder. They start to produce an ‘ouch’ then, which if ignored may travel to another area, get louder again, until hopefully, we hear it, stop and take action. 

What does a session include? 

During the session, I use a number of systems to determine what the underlying cause of your issue is and where the misalignments are in the body. I may test a number of different muscles in the upper and lower body that may be related to the issue. The muscles clearly indicate if stress is held within and I really love showing these to clients, it is pretty amazing. Often a pattern will emerge and most clients will begin to understand this and amazing results occur, and often within that session.

What can Kinesiology help with?

Kinesiology finds the causes of most health issues, which can often be tied to an underlying past experience or event that has emotions involved that have been repressed.  It works incredibly well with acute issues that have occured in a short period of time. My passion is working with digestive issues, bloating, pain and abdominal discomfort, nutrition and diet and I’ve had some fantastic results here. Kinesiology will work well for chronic pain including muscular pain, however the time this takes is longer than for acute pain due to the layering that occurs. It won’t happen overnight, but it has a good success rate, especially if the client is also determined to do what is necessary to get better.

Kinesiology can help immensely with emotional stress as well however if it is long term or includes, depression, anxiety, phobias or fears I have faster longer lasting tools that I prefer to work with.  Any thing that causes the body to move from being in balance to being out of balance can be shifted. 

How will I feel after a Kinesiology?

Most clients feel lighter, relieved, free from pain, invigorated, happy and joyful. Some state that the fog has lifted, they have gained greater insight and clarity into their situation. Many say they have much more energy and can see a positive way forward. Others, are amazed at the process, seeing the changes in the state of muscles before and after, feeling the difference in their mind and body. It can be a real noticeable change for many, for others, it can be subtle and happen over a period of days or weeks as the body regains balance to its original state. Some people have never experienced their body in balance and for them, this is a blessing. It can take a little while to get to this state if it’s never been this way. Kinesiology is a perfect natural alternative to finding the solution to your health issues. 


Hi, my name is Vanessa and my mission is to help stressed-out women release long-held emotions and beliefs so they can release anxiety and depression, traumas, and physical symptoms like digestive issues.My goal is to facilitate change so women can regain control of themselves and their lives so they can feel confident and good about themselves and enjoy life again.I have a strong interest in functional anatomy, diet and nutrition, counselling and psychology, Epi-genetics, Quantum physics, life coaching and energy healing.I am trained as a Professional Kinesiologist, Certified BWRT® Practitioner, Creatrix® Facilitator, and Wellness Success Coach.

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