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Remedial Massage

Remedial massage, also known as therapeutic massage, has been shown to benefit those who suffer from muscular discomfort, tension and chronic pain.

Vanessa is a specialised Remedial massage therapist who is highly trained with an great awareness of the physical body and muscular system. Her level of commitment to achieving a desired outcome is highly sought after as she is dedicated to ensure your needs are heard and met. Her focus is on bringing relief to areas of tension in the body, helping you with treating a variety of issues and injuries, along with reducing chronic long term pain and discomfort. She has had extensive training in the soft tissue system of the body and in kinesiology and this can be seen throughout her treatments.

Remedial massage can help to relieve:

  • muscle tension and muscle aches
  • chronic pain in the lower back, hip and knee, upper back, shoulders and neck.
  • headaches
  • sciatica 
  • neck whiplash
  • migraines from tension
  • limited range of movement in shoulders and neck
  • tennis elbow
  • carpal syndrome
  • bursitis and more. 

Many studies have shown that therapeutic massage helps to:

  • release tension in the fascia that covers the muscles of the body
  • reduces mental drowsiness
  • improves circulation of the entire system
  • improve lymphatic fluid movement
    free joint restriction improve circulation

Therapeutic massage may also benefit you when you are:

  • stressed and are in need of some good self care
  • anxious and need to calm the system

Remedial massage relaxes the entire nervous system.

Having a regular remedial massage will help you maintain optimal physical health and keep your body and mind balanced, ensuring you move through life with ease and joy.

Remedial Vs Deep Tissue

Many people are confused between a Remedial massage and a deep tissue massage.
Aren’t they the same?

Short answer: No

Remedial Massage works on a specific area that may be causing pain or have been injured. Remedial massage also includes a consultation and assessment of the range of motion, pain levels if any, muscle movement, current health status and client feedback.  A treatment plan will be included to ascertain the best course of treatment for the condition/injury as is a requirement by most health insurance companies.

Most remedial therapists include a number of different techniques and some have deeper knowledge and additional specialist techniques than others, learnt and acquired throughout their career and since graduating with the basics.

As each clients needs are unique the treatment techniques used will be selected based on the expertise and knowledge base of the clinician.

Deep tissue is different in that it is full body and releases tension on a deep level, targeting the deeper layer of muscles. It can often be quite painful and may not always be relaxing. Remedial massage can be uncomfortable but, should never be to a point of excruciating.

For those with injuries or sore shoulders, neck or lower back pain, a remedial massage would work better.

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Remedial Massage
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