Online Healing Sessions – How do they work?

Online Healing Sessions – How do they work?

Online Sessions- How do they work?

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics” – Albert Einstein

More and more people are chosing to move their businesses online during this challenging time with the Coronavirus so I thought I’d share with you how this can work for Kinesiology and the other modalities I use, such as BWRT® and Creatrix®. Many of my clients have their sessions online at present, via Zoom or Facetime and with the threat of being in lockdown, and stuck at home, our stress levels will innevitably grow, while our bank balance declines. Here’s how I can help you to destress, release anxiety and fears and clear out trapped emotions that are surfacing as physcial symptoms or signals as I like to call them. 

What is an online healing session?

An online healing session via Zoom or Facetime, is still actually face-to-face. The only difference is that you aren’t in the same room. Each person needs to have the Zoom app or Facetime available and downloaded on their computer, iPad, or phone. This is as easy as clicking the link available for the device you are using. Once Zoom is downloaded, you open the app and click on Join a meeting. The person who starts the meeting will give you an ID number to pop in. That is it!! If you ahve any further questions or would like help, please let me know.

What else is different from in-person sessions?

The biggest difference is that I will be a proxy for you, that’s right, using myself as the surrogate for you. “How does this work, I hear you saying”? Well before I explain that, I thought it would be good to explain how muscle testing works.

Muscle testing- how it works!

Muscle testing has existed for quite a long time and is used by many practitioners including Physiotherapists and Naturopaths these days to test underlying issues in the mental and physical body.

Chiropractors were the first to use this type of testing on muscles and soon realised that muscles were either strong or not and that touching specific points on the body either strengthened or weakened a muscle. 

Kinesiology was then developed as a modality by Chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart DC who realised the link between muscles, organs and the meridian system and used his muscle testing to show whether his adjustments worked.

Initially Kinesiology was only allowed to be used by those in this specialist field and it wasn’t until a number of years later that Dr. John Thie developed the Touch for Health System designed for the layperson to use with family and friends that Kinesiology started to become more known withiin the community.

Muscle testing is based on the principles of bio-magnetic energy. The conscious mind is oblivious to this type of energy because it cannot be seen or felt, however, the subconscious mind, the system that operates in the background of our awareness, stores every bit of data and experiences that we have ever had.

The subconscious mind can also lead us to respond to positive and negative situations based on previous experiences and can lead us in and out of health, through our belief systems.

Hypnotherapy works at inputting suggestions at the subconscious level to make changes at the conscious level. Kinesiologists also access the information stored at this level to make health changes at the conscious level. How is this done?

Through muscle testing.

Muscle testing bypasses the conscious mind by accessing this data or information at the subconscious level. So, if we can use muscle testing to access the subconscious information, we can find out what the underlying cause is to an issue surrounding a challenge we may have that is surfacing as a response in the physical system, the body.

What is surrogation?

Surrogate means ‘a substitute’ and comes in many forms. We can surrogate or take on another person’s problems and we do this for many varied reasons.

Sometimes children will take on their parent’s feelings if the parent is unable to express it at that time, the child will express it for them. You may notice if a child is fine and when a parent comes home from work, the child will instantly change and become unruly.

We may also surrogate for other family members and here’s another wierd thing, organs can surrogate for other organs, when they aren’t in optimal condition, and muscles can do the same. So surrogating in Kinesiology is when the client is being physically tested through another person. It sounds weird, however amazingly possible. Just think about an electric fence. If two peopple were holding hands and one person was touching the fence, the other person would get the shock, it’s just like that. Energy moves through us. We use surrogates for a number of reasons. 

  • The person cannot physically attend the clinic
  • The client is a baby or toddler and having them lie still may be difficult
  • The person may not live locally 
  • The clients it elderly or weak
  • Working with animals

How does surrogating work in a Kinesiology session?

Kinesiology works with the energy flow in the body. Surrogating can be done using another person in the clinic, for example using a mother for her infant child or toddler. A younger person for an elderly person, a family member for someone in hospital, an owner of a pet for their pet.

Kinesiology is simply bringing the energy of the (physically) absent client into the surrogate. In a session we always ask for permission, using Kinesiology testing, from the surrogate’s subconscious to act as a surrogate for the client. Once confirmed the session begins like a normal session, once finished surrogates are released and each is asked to return to it’s original state. I have often been told by the surrogate that they felt different during the session, and when they express how they feel, the client will confirm that that is the way they are feeling. All goes back to normal once the surrogacy is released.

What is testing by proxy?

Muscle testing can be done by proxy. The definition of “proxy” is to stand for or represent someone. Muscle testing by proxy is done when a surrogate isn’t available or when the recipient is not able to be tested in person, in the clinic. It can be done with another person acting as a proxy, or the tester may act alone as the proxy themselves, using self-testing to understand the underlying causes of the issues.

How does this work using Kinesiology?

When working via a proxy I will always ask for permission to work on you and with you. Once I have this permission the session starts and I will ask questions just like I do in clinic. In clinic, I have many options to clear underlying problems that surface in the physical body and I will also use these when working via proxy. The first and foremost is the magnets is use in clinic developed by Nikken. Any and all size magnets will work, and I will get you to use your own at the same time I use mine. If you do not have one that’s ok, you can use your first and second fingers as these have a neutral polarity. This will work as long as your intention is clear to release the imbalance. Any fridge magnet will do! The magnets I use are designed to relieve discomfort and body balancing, so they have a number of more uses than just releasing trapped emotions.

Other ways of correcting imbalances will show up as I’m working with you and the skills I have are enough to clear the underlying causes of these. I will show you points to rub on your body and we will do these together. I like to do this as it gives your body the physical touch it may need and is an added bonus. The only real difference is if you need an oil to use after the session. I can use the oil on myself during the session and this is very effective. You won’t get to smell the oil and if it is needed we can work out a way for you to access this, via an online ordering system.

So there you have it, very simple, very effective way of working to release issues in the physical and mental body, without having to be in the same room.

One benefit is that you get to work in the comfort of your own home, yay!! 




Hi, my name is Vanessa and my mission is to help stressed-out women release long-held emotions and beliefs so they can release anxiety and depression, traumas, and physical symptoms like digestive issues.My goal is to facilitate change so women can regain control of themselves and their lives so they can feel confident and good about themselves and enjoy life again.I have a strong interest in functional anatomy, diet and nutrition, counselling and psychology, Epi-genetics, Quantum physics, life coaching and energy healing.I am trained as a Professional Kinesiologist, Certified BWRT® Practitioner, Creatrix® Facilitator, and Wellness Success Coach.

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