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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a way to stimulate the body’s own healing response by bringing balance back into its energy field and removing the causal factor that is forcing it out of balance. The subconscious mind is 1000 times stronger than the conscious mind and holds all our memories and programs that we have learned during this life. Kinesiology bypasses the conscious mind to look at the subconscious patterns, which holds the key to understanding ourselves and why we are sick or have pain.

Kinesiology finds the causes of health issues, which can often be tied to trapped emotions experienced throughout life.

Each thought we have produces a different chemical and this is then felt as an emotion in the body and the body’s tissues must learn to deal with this chemical response.  Unless this is released it can start to impact the cells and manifest as pain or discomfort in some way within an area of the body, or many areas if there are many trapped emotions.

Panic, anxiety, anger and other emotions are often trapped within a particular organ. In Kinesiology each organ relates to a specific muscle and pain can be generated in these muscles.eg neck pain is often upper trapezius, relating to kidneys and the emotions of anxiety, suspicion, fear etc.

In my experience, any symptom the body is experiencing is a signal created for us to stop and take note of and make the necessary changes to bring balance back. These initial signals are often so subtle that they go unnoticed and/or we ignore them, then the volume goes up and they become louder. They start to produce an ‘ouch’ then, which if ignored may travel to another area, get louder again, until hopefully we hear it, stop and take action. 

What does a session include?

My job is to discuss with you without judgment, why you came, what your needs are, what you are expecting, what outcome you would like, what would it be like if the pain, problem, challenge wasn’t there, how would that look or feel, and ultimately how much responsibility are you willing to take for change to occur.

I take a very detailed history at the initial consult, which is 90mins, however, this is dependant on your immediate needs. I find out what your immediate goal is for this session and your future and work out what is stopping you from achieving this. I then spend the rest of the time releasing the immediate issues that show up as a priority to bring the greatest relief. 

During the session, I will test different muscles in the upper and lower body that may related to the issue. The muscles clearly indicate if stress is held within. Often a pattern will emerge and most clients will begin to understand this and amazing results occur, and often within the first session.

Subsequent sessions are 60 mins and involve further work at releasing underlying causes for the issues you present with. 

How many sessions will I need?

Each body is different and how long you have had these issues or challenges may determine how many sessions will be needed. I cannot give a definitive answer to how many sessions Your body will need, however, based on my experience, what I can say that it will depend on the type of change you are after, how ready you are for this to occur, and whether you are ready to take the necessary steps that are needed for deep change.   

If you are looking at the symptoms of an issue that is new and not chronic then between 3-4 sessions will often do the trick.

If this issue is chronic, be it pain, whether it is muscular or digestive, that has been in your body for a number of years then it is important to look deeper, beyond the symptoms to determine the underlying causes of these. Like an onion, we peel back a layer in each session and what surfaces between the sessions is what we work on in the next session. This may take anywhere from 5-10 sessions. 

If you are wanting to change at a core level, looking at anxiety, stress or depression etc, and you are prepared to do whatever it takes to get to the goal or outcome you are desiring and you give yourself time to do the tasks set and take the action necessary then anywhere from 8-12 sessions will change your world.

If you are after this deep change then let’s have a chat to set some goals and outcomes. If this is the case then we would look at working together for about 12 months. I would also suggest you take up the offer of going on a payment plan so you stay committed to your outcome. I design these specific to your needs and this will not only help you to stay accountable to yourself but it will keep you true to your cause, and help to serve your subconscious mind.

I usually like to see clients once a month, depending on the issues we are working on and your needs personally and financially.

What can Kinesiology help with?

Kinesiology finds the causes of health issues, which can often be tied to a trapped emotion. It can help with chronic and muscular pain, sciatica, headaches, structural and postural problems, emotional stress, depression, fear and anxiety, life changes, nutrition and digestion, goal setting, insomnia and much much more. Any thing that causes the body to move from being in balance to being out of balance can be shifted. 

How will I feel after a Kinesiology session?

Most clients feel lighter, relieved, free from pain, invigorated, happy and joyful. Some state that the fog has lifted, they have gained greater insight and clarity into their situation. Many say they have much more energy and can see a positive way forward. Others, are amazed at the process, seeing the changes in the state of muscles before and after, feeling the difference in their mind and body. It can be a real noticeable change for many, for others, it can be subtle and happen over a period of days or weeks as the body regains balance to its original state. Some people have never experienced their body in balance and for them, this is a blessing.

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