Transforming DNA Memories


I am very pleased to be hosting educator, speaker and expert in human behaviour, Sylvia Marina to Brisbane in July 2018.

Sylvia is based in Perth but travels extensively all over the world to present her courses, one of which she will be presenting whilst here in July, Transforming DNA  Memories. 

Sylvia has an amazing ability to create change in peoples lives so they take action to radically shift people to see a future with clarity and confidence, allowing them to let go of aspects about themselves that no longer serve a purpose. 

She has spent many years training people from all facets of life including health advisors, coaches, entrepreneurs, kinesiologists, authors, speakers, management professionals etc.

Transforming DNA Memories creates a shift between memories and misunderstandings of the past that often show up in the present as patterns of anger, frustration, and feelings of inadequacy. Our ability to heal and move forward into the future can be sped up as we trace the foundations back through the generations and clear the negative memory associated, leaving us clearer in mind, resolving anxiety and shifting past and present trauma.

This course is for anyone who is ready to commit to the Self and transform every part of their life. For Health Practitioners the skills you learn in this 4 day workshop will be immediately put to use as Sylvia has put together the program with the workbook in such a way that you will feel confident to use in clinic straight away.

For more information about Sylvia and her workshop see the flyer below, visit Sylvia’s website or email me

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