When I came to see Vanessa I was feeling pretty lost in my health journey and wasn’t sure where  to turn to next. I hit rock bottom and I didn’t know how to get out. I just knew that I needed help  and I knew that I couldn’t just rely on myself to do it, and the way the universe works Vanessa was  put in front of me, and so I went with it. I had been dealing with gut issues, nausea, headaches,  fatigue, and constipation for about 20 plus years, but it had just gotten worse and worse during  that time. 

I would go for weeks on end without being able to really eat. My weight went up and down and I  would get better and then I’d just gorge on food because I felt so deprived during the time that I  wasn’t eating. That was also playing an effect on the outside of my body and I was noticing my  skin detaching from my muscles on my thighs and they looked like they were 80 years old. I was  wondering what was happening and then I came to this realisation that it was all of the fasting, all  those periods of time where I was unable to eat and I lost weight really quickly. I knew it was time  and that I really needed to do something about it. 

Over the 20 years I used lots of different supplements. One week I’d be on on probiotics, the next  it would be pre-biotics, and the next it’d be vitamins. I would be in and out of doctors too, but I  gave up on doctors by the time I got to see Vanessa. I gave up on them probably about 12  months ago after I’d had colonoscopies, endoscopies, blood tests, stool tests, and nothing came  up that was attached to what was going on for me. So I decided, no more doctors, I wanted to  seek more natural therapies.  

I looked into naturopaths a number of times during the 20 years also and that didn’t really lead to  much apart from a whole bunch of money going out on supplements. There wasn’t really many  answers out there for me and I got to a stage where I thought there’s more to this than this being  just a physical problem. It’s got to be an emotional problem and because I work in mental and  emotional health it hit me that it was time to have a look at that for myself, to see what was  actually really going on. 

When I first saw Vanessa, I was hoping for a miracle and that’s what I got, a miracle. I’m not that  type of person that I have a lot of doubts about things so when I jump into something, I jump in  with both feet, full of hope, even though I’ve been knocked down hundreds and hundreds of times  over the years. It was that hope, that trust and belief that I can do it, that got me here now. 

I just knew that I had to keep going, that I’m worth it, I’m worth fighting for, and so I went in, with  a lot of hope and a lot of belief that it was going to be the answer. And now to come out the other  side, feeling so empowered, and in gratitude, to be able to feel better, to take control of my health,  and to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that has been amazing. 

I was really surprised by the amount of crud I had in my mind to remove. And as we peeled back  the layers, how much deeper that went, and that everything has an order in the subconscious. It 

will allow you to release one thing, but won’t let you release the thing that’s underneath that thing  until you get to the top thing and let that go.  

After seeing Vanessa, I’m now able to eat and enjoy foods that my body wants, rather than just  going with what my mind thinks it wants. I’m now tapping into what my body wants, and  nourishing it the way it needs. Now that I’ve let go of the emotions and food intolerances that  were attached to my large and small intestines, I’m setting up the right environment for that to  actually heal.  

I also now have the ability to ask my body what it needs, and release things as they come. If I  have an issue with someone or I take on one of my clients emotions, I can quickly identify it and  release it without it really going on and on and on for days or weeks or months or even years.  That’s a huge advantage for me now. 

The changes I’ve made are now opening up doors and opening up ideas and there’s much more  flow going on in my life and in my career. I’m also really leaning into trusting and being heart  driven instead of up in my head. My future now, is amazing without all of those things holding me  back. 

It was so amazing to work with Vanessa. She’s kind, compassionate, forceful when she needs to  be and held me accountable when I needed it. The part that probably sticks out the most for me  was when I hit a wall toward the end of my therapy. I decided I couldn’t do it, that I was not cut  

out for it or whatever was going on in my mind at the time I hit a wall, and it was her words that  actually helped me to keep going. I wouldn’t have without her, and in hindsight, I can see that my  subconscious was just saying ‘No no no I don’t want change, what I want is to stay comfortable’.  

In hindsight I can see it but it was very difficult at the time being in that moment. And if it were just  me, I would not have been able to keep pushing on but to have Vanessa there, saying the right  things that I needed to hear and to know that she had my back, was really a standout moment,  and a massive takeaway for anyone who is going through the program or thinking about going  through the program. 

I feel very grateful, it was so, so worth it and you can’t put a price on your health and wellbeing.  Where I had an issue with paying money out every week to get help for my health, I don’t have a  problem anymore and I’m happy to do it now. Working with Vanessa has removed this fear in me,  to work on myself, and has really shown me that I am the most important thing in my world, and  the only person that can look after me, is myself. I’m very, very grateful.  

Hayley. L 

April 2021

When I first came to see Vanessa I was emotional and crying a lot and felt emotionally blocked. I had  been dealing with sinus problems, pretty much all my life. I’ve always had sinus problems and I always  had to take anti-inflammatories, eyedrops, or nasal sprays for it. It seemed to get worse when I was un der a lot of stress and pressure, and I would have to double or triple what I was taking to get it under  control.  

I was also struggling with shin splints that caused a lot of pain when I tried to exercise, and lower back  pain that caused constant shooting pains from my back down to my legs. I also had insomnia and strug gled with migraines, and weight gain. 

I didn’t really know what to expect but my expectations were high because I was desperate. I expected  results and I was hopeful, but I didn’t know if it was going to work. I had never seen a kinesiologist or  anything that she offered and I’d never seen anybody before in that regard so I went in with an open  mind and was just hopeful that she could help me. I was really surprised that it did work and how easy it  was and surprised that I am actually feeling positive and not drowning in those negative emotions. 

The process was easier than what I thought it was going to be. With my own doubts and my own feel ings within myself I thought I would have to battle with myself a lot harder. Vanessa made it easy and  made me feel comfortable. 

After finishing the program, the constant sharp pain in my lower back has gone. I still get twinges if I  move the wrong way, but I believe that’s to do with the disc. The shin splints haven’t come back so that’s  really good. My feet hurt though because I’m now walking straight on them, but I can deal with that be cause it’s a good kind of pain and not the crippling pain that I was getting with the shin splints. 

For the first time ever, in spring or autumn, I haven’t had to take anything for my sinuses. 

I’ve only had one, close to migraine and it was more of a headache and only got worse from being on  the computer. 

My insomnia has resolved itself now, and I now usually just go to bed, go to sleep, and wake up. 

One of the things that surprised me the most and that I’m still shocked over was my mom contacting me.  It’s a good thing, but it’s blown me away. I never thought that was going to happen. I’m open for it and  I’m looking forward to it but I just didn’t think it was actually possible. It just wasn’t in my vision. I feel hopeful about it, which is not a word I would have ever used for mum and myself. 

I’ve noticed that I don’t feel so wound up anymore or like I’m in a tight ball. I feel happier and more ac cepting within myself and I’m not so quick to anger. I feel like I can control my emotions better. I feel more peaceful, more calm, and more positive, and I feel ‘what will be, will be’. 

I know it’s still a work in progress and I still have to work through things and I have to remind myself  this, but Vanessa has helped me create positive affirmations and the skills to help me understand myself  better and how I can work with myself, my body, and my mental and emotional state. 

Working with Vanessa was really easy and not what I expected. I find it hard to be able to open up to  someone to be able to go deep enough, because I don’t like people to see too deep inside myself. So it  was a bit scary for me but Vanessa was very easy to open up to. It didn’t feel like there was any judg ment. It was just easy and simple and it wasn’t hard. 

My future is brighter now and not dark or just doom and gloom. I know things are going to get better  and when I look in the mirror now I can honestly say, “you’re looking good, you can do this, your  weight is coming off, you look happier, be positive, you’ve got your family, be grateful, be grateful you  have your family”. So it’s just more grateful and more positive. And my automatic response now is like,  “I’m grateful for my life, I’m grateful for my husband, my children, and I’m grateful for me”. 

It was one hundred percent, totally worth it. I really appreciate it and it was awesome to actually have  met Vanessa and to have spent so much time with her. I really appreciate it and I’m pleased to have met  her. 

Nikki P.

When I came to see Vanessa I had been struggling with weight gain for about 4-5years and was  unable to remove it with the other things I’d tried. I’d been on fad diets, changed to gluten free,  let go of a lot of other things and none of what I tried seemed to do anything. I even spoke to a  GP about food allergy and she said, no, you haven’t got food allergies, you just eat too much. I  was doing plenty of exercise so I didn’t know what it was.  

There is this kind of disbelief of non-mainstream treatment, one of the better words, therapy,  whatever you want to call it. And a doctor could tell me I didn’t have a food allergy, but a doctor  couldn’t tell me why I couldn’t lose weight with the diet I had, with the exercise I was doing. So I  came here with an open mind or as open as it could be and I genuinely felt after the second  session that it would succeed. 

Vanessa has helped me to uncover a number of issues that I wasn’t aware of internally,  semiconscious issues to do with grief, to do with my difficult childhood, to do with other  people’s grief, some of it going back generations.  

I had no idea that that was there, I was totally unaware of it and I had no idea the power that it  had over me . Thanks to Vanessa’s help, I have dealt with it. 

I also had some physical issues too that Vanessa was able to resolve, including back pain and  knee pain. They’ve been “good as gold” since. I can now do lunges I could never do. In fact I  went two nights in a row to our gym and it just so happened that they both were very similar  sorts of classes with lots of lunges, and I just breezed through them.  

There were other benefits as well. I feel sharper and I feel more clarity. I’ve never suffered from a  lack of confidence but now, I feel bulletproof. 

I feel that what I learned was to listen to my inner self, which I’d never been in touch with. I  didn’t know all of these different parts of me existed. I didn’t know there were all these parts that  were still struggling with things that happened years and years ago, generations ago. I just didn’t  know they were there and I feel that I’m not so much in touch with them, but I’m more aware of  them now.  

I’m also aware of how those parts have been protecting me and how those parts of me that  perhaps I didn’t like so much, I should be thanking them for getting me through the difficult  times and I do. I do thank them for getting me through those difficult times. Rather than not  liking the person that I was, I understand why I was that person or why that person was within  me because I’ve never been that person, but why I partly had to be that person because it had to 

protect me, to see me through and all these things are like a weight off my shoulders. And a  weight off my shoulders seems to be like a weight off of my body and I feel lighter. 

Initially, when I first came to see Vanessa, I had a sense of trepidation, a fear of the unknown  because I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone has this fear of the unknown, but I’ve never been  physically frightened of anything or anybody for a long, long time, but this definitely put me so  far out of my comfort zone. 

It didn’t take long before I started looking forward to the sessions and I knew that I didn’t need  to understand how it works. I don’t need to understand how my phone works, I know it works,  and it works fine. I think because of the person I was, when I first got here I was questioning  why, and how and then maybe after three or four sessions, I thought I don’t need to know and I  wouldn’t understand anyway. So just let it happen and go with the flow.  

Things I couldn’t explain started happening pretty quickly, with very little change on my part,  and with very little increase in physical exercise because we were already doing a lot anyway. I  was getting results that I couldn’t get on those fad diets or whatever you want to call them. I  thought I can’t explain it, why bother trying to. Just accept it and go with it, take it as a positive.  Just trust the process. 

I find that now, when we go out, I pick healthy choices and I’m not feeling like I’m missing out.  I’m not feeling that I want anything that I shouldn’t be eating because I’ll be honest if I do fancy  something that I probably shouldn’t have, I have it. Simple as that, but it’s on occasions. 

Vanessa was the most important part of the process to begin with but I became the most  important part in the end, whether I liked it or not. Vanessa gave me the tools, the knowledge,  and the power to be able to understand why I couldn’t lose weight and how I could lose the  weight. She explained a lot as to why I became the person I was, and as I said, I now thank that  part of me, whereas before I didn’t like that part. 

It was really uplifting working with Vanessa and I recommended my son come too. I can’t give  her a higher recommendation than that. If people need what I needed and they are prepared to  give something like this a chance, then give it the opportunity. 

At the end of the day, it’s one of the best things I think I’ve ever done, not just for the weight loss  but for me personally, and for all the inner demons that I didn’t know were there. When I think  about my experience with working with Vanessa the one word that comes to mind is  ‘enlightening’.

Richard. F

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